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Week One – Introduction

13th - 17th September

#1 - Monday 13th September: Introduction to the course

#2 - Tuesday 14th September: Icebreaker (Buddy Group/Self-Directed Exercise)

#3 - Wednesday 15th September: The context for EBLIP (Briefing) 

#4 - Thursday 16th September: The Evidence Based Practice Process (Podcast)

#5 - Friday 17th September: Catch-Up day


Week Two – The Evidence Based Practice Process

20th - 24th September

#6 - Monday 20th September: Burning Questions Part 1 (Reflection)

#7 - Tuesday 21st September: Ask (SPICE Tutorial)

#8 - Wednesday 22nd September: Acquire (Task) 
#9 - Thursday 23rd September:
 Burning Questions Part 2 (Posting) 
#10 - Friday 24th September: Appraise (CRISTAL Tutorial)

Week Three - The Evidence Based Practice Process cont...

27th September - 1st October

#11 - Monday 27th September: Apply (Story)

#12 - Tuesday 28th September: Assess (Task)

#13 - Wednesday 29th September: Catch-up day

#14 - Thursday 30th September: Reading of Chapter on Appraisal

#15 - Friday 1st October: Reading of Research article


Reading Week

4th - 8th October

Optional Competition

Sharing Practice Wiki


Week Four – Evaluating the Evidence Base

11th – 15th October

#16 - Monday 11th October: Critically appraising library research (Practical Exercise Preparation)

#17 - Tuesday 12th October: Putting it all together

#18 - Wednesday 13th October: Critical appraisal

#19 - Thursday 14th October: Catch-up day

#20 - Friday 15th October: Barriers and Enablers (Story) 


Week Five – Future Perspectives

18th – 22nd October

#21 - Monday 18th October: Barriers and Enablers (Buddy Group/Self-Directed Exercise)

#22 - Tuesday 19th October: Implementation (Guided Reading)

#23 - Wednesday 20th October: Catch-up day

#24 - Thursday 21st October: Priorities for future development (Group discussion)

#25 - Friday 22nd October: Guest lecture on "The Future of EBLIP"


Week Six – Course Conclusion

25th – 29th October

#26 - Monday 25th October: Personal Learning Plan

#27 - Tuesday 26th October: Catch-up day 

#28 - Wednesday 27th October: New Zealand Public Holiday

#29 - Thursday 28th October: Course Summary

#30 - Friday 29th October: Course Conclusion


Portfolio Submission Deadline - 5pm on Friday 12th November 2009


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